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This FREE iPhone app lowers the volume or stops the music from the ipod when a loud/sudden noise happens nearby. It helps the user to be aware of the surroundings while comfortably listening to music.
It uses the built in microphone or the headphones microphone to assess the environment and control the playback of the music.

Full Description

Specttro Guard ® works alongside your iPod music player app. You can set the threshold for triggering a pause in the music when external sound is loud enough.

Once the sound is loud enough, it will either stop or lower the volume of your music playing app, and give you the opportunity to hear up to the last 30 seconds of audio that happened when you were connected.
Use simple gestures to control the instant replay of sound length and position.

Very useful for exercising outside:
- Joggers: hear the cyclist that just shouted at you to be aware
- Cyclists: hear the sound of a nearby car honking

Great for working at the office:
- hear your boss when he walks into your cubicle

Save your marriage:
- "Honey, take the trash out": Now you can safely hear that phrase even if you are listening to the latest sport news of the day in your iOS device.

- iOS5.0 or above
- iPhone 4S/4/3GS
. Pod Touch 4. iPad1/2
. iPod Touch 3 with headset

Headphones with built in microphones work best, but the iPhone/iPod microphone is also acceptable





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